PHOTO Iran Medical Tours

Iran has the history and culture of 2500 years on medical activities . From ancient times till now Iranian doctors have had many successes and discoveries in the medical field .

This led us to the present medical tour in Iran . Around 800 hospitals are located in different cities of Iran , those provide most effective medical care to make you feel comfortable during the period of your recovery . All hospitals even small ones are highly-equipped with modern equipment, professional and well-trained staff, both male and female doctors and nurses to make you feel more comfortable. The nursing services is so qualified, they consider Patient's physical condition and their needs carefully.

The research are always done in the medical universities of Iran to update the medical knowledge.

We offer you some medical services including: Kidney and urinary tract, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology.

Our words are we are with you from airport to airport.

Our services include:

1.       Best hospitals and surgeons for your specific procedure .

2.       Private room for you and your participant .

3.       We can arrange to speak to your doctor about any specific questions you might have.

4.       Translator or a guide .

5.       Visa services

6.       Accommodation in house or hotel during recovery time .

7.       All airport transfers.

8.       All domestic flights