Starry night  12 day / 11 night Code: GA.32

Tehran Tour

Day 01 : Arrival in Tehran

Our guide will welcome you on the international Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. Transfer to the hotel in Tehran and overnight.

Day 02 : Tehran-Shiraz

After breakfast, we shall visit the Archaeological & Islamic Art Museums.The pre-Islam archaeological museum covers Persia’s history from the 5th millennium BC to 648 AD while the Islamic art museum provides a display of Islamic works of art. Then to Golestan palace complex dating  from  the 18th century AD and later the  Jewelry museum to view what is probably the  world’s finest collection of precious stones collected over many centuries. .Finally in the evening transfer to the airport and fly to Shiraz. Meet and transfer to hotel . O/N Shiraz.

Shiraz Tour Eram Garden 

Day 03 : Shiraz

We will visit the Eram and Naranjestan Gardens, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque .Hafez  & Saadi  mausoleums, Vakil mosque complex and the most astonishing mirror decoration of the Aliebnehamze Holy Shrine. O/N Shiraz.

Day 04 : Shiraz - Persepolis - Necropolis-Pasargadae-Yazd

Drive to Yazd, we depart from Shiraz via the Quran gate .40 km north of Shiraz we stop at Persepolis the outstanding ceremonial palace of the Achaemenians , 550BC.At Necropolis we see four tombs of Achaemenian kings high in the cliffs of limestone. Then  we continue through mountain scenery to Pasargadae the earliest Achaemenian capital where  the tomb of Cyrus the Great is well preserved. Further on our route crosses the central Iran ranges to Yazd. O/N Yazd.

Day 05 : Yazd

In the morning will visit a Zoroastrian fire temple and  later a Zoroastrian “dakhmeh” on an elevated site where the dead were prepared and left for vultures to decimate.  Zoroastrianism is the ancient Persian religion. Today, Yazd is recognized as a city with a high population of  Zoroastrian residents .

 In accordance with their beliefs  Zoroastrians did not bury the dead but instead  they took the cleansed bodies to the elevated dakhmehs for disposal. You will get more information about their ceremonies on this day in Yazd. Taking a walk in the old district of Yazd you will visit some unique  architecture  depicted by the  the wind towers called “badgir” These structures functions as wind traps ducting the breezes down into the buildings below where the wind currents  pass over cooling water and so function as effective  air conditioners.. Visit the old Friday Mosque and Mir Chaghmagh Mosque. If possible , you  will have an evening visit to   a traditional  Zurkhaneh , a Persian house of strength, where Pahlavans, will exhibit their exercise routine  which is  a mixture of athletics and religious  fervor  in reveraence to their patron saint .

Yazd Tour

Day 6 : Yazd- Kharanagh-Robate posht badam-Biazeh-Merijan

We will visit the historical sites in Kharanagh ,then the Caravansarai ( Rabat ) which was used by  travellers and were rest areas where they could  eat, pray, sleep and rest their animals.  Garmeh and Bayazeh villages  are two typical oases (with a beautiful old castle) in  the central desert  . O/N in local house in Mehrijan

Day 7  : Mehrijan-Khoor-Mesr-Farahzad

Walking on sand  dunes and  camel riding in Mesr , Another point of interest in this natural depression  is  an evaporitic  playa Salt Lake. Then to Farahzad  rural village in the  northern  part of Mesr. There beautiful palms  have been engulfed by the sand dunes. O/N in a local house in Farahzad

Day 8 : Farahzad-Jandagh-Choopanan -Naiin – Isfahan

We will visit a traditional mud brick  castle , two of the longest and deepest Qanats (subterranean water system) intersecting with  each other , then Windward and carminative in Choopanan which has very clever design .Then towards Isfahan we will visit Naiin . O/N Isfahan

Isfahan Tour 

Day  9 : Isfahan

In the morning we will visit Naghshe Johan square, a huge open square in the center of Isfahan. The square periphery is marked by outstanding Safavid buildings which include the Ali Qapu palace, the Imam Mosque, the Sheikh Lotfollah (ladies) mosque and to the north the expansive bazaar where we can see artisans crafting metal work, Persian miniatures, printing intricate designs on cloth and other activities. In the afternoon, we will visit Si-o-Se Pol (thirty three arches) and Khajoo bridges spanning the Zayanderud river. We can relax in one of the traditional tea houses there to drink tea and smoke a Persian water pipe. O/N Isfahan.

Day 10: Isfahan-Abyane

Drive to Abyaneh, an ancient fascinating village with its colorfully dressed inhabitants and ochre  mud brick houses, where little has changed for several centuries. En route we will visit the Natanz Friday Mosque. O/N Abyaneh.

Tehran Tour

Day 11:Abyaneh- Kashan- Tehran

Continue to Tehran. En route we will visit the Fin garden complex in Kashan, a city well known for its old merchant houses several of which are being restored. O/N Tehran.

 Day 12: Tehran - Departure

Transfer to Tehran International Airport for your departure from Iran.