PHOTO Iran Sufism & Zoroastrian Tour  13 Day / 12 Night

Day 1: Mashed
Arrival  at Mashed by Turkish airlines . You will be met and transferred  to your  hotel  O/N Mashed Tara 4 star


Day 2: Mashed –Toos – Torbat Jam -Torbat Hydarieh
Morning toward Toos to visit the tomb and very famous sculptures  of Iranian heroic Zoroastrians  There we will be introduced to aspects of Zoroastrian philosophy in  a poem by  Firdowsi  once renowned poet of ancient times .We then proceed to  Torbat Jam where we can find several places of antiquity.These include  the mazar (tomb) of Sheikh Ahmad Jami and Prince Ghasem Anvar. Then proceed  to Torbat Hydarieh the name which translated means  the  Burial Place of Heydar .Qotboddin Heydar was a Sufi mystic whose tomb we shall see   in the heart of the city. O/N Torbat Hydarieh Kowsar hotel 3 star

Tehran Tour 

Day 3 : Torbat Hydarieh – Nyshbor –Sabzvar
Morning to Neyshabour the old city ruined during the  Mongolian invasion.  We will visit old gardens and ruins and will visit the tomb of Attaar the most esteemed  sufi poet of Iran in 11 AD He was killed in  an attack.  Then visit  the mausoleum  of Omar Khyam the  famous poet and continue to Sabzavar The history of Sabzevar goes back to the 1st millennium BC. Ancient remains include the  fire-temple 'Azarbarzin'  the remains of which are still visible  O/N Sabzavar Johangardi hotel 3 star


Day 4 : Sabzvar -Bastam –Shahroud –Tehran

We will visit Bastam a town which was built  in the year 1120 C.E. The Village of Kharaqan  is located 12 kilometers from Bastam and was a village of importance  during the 14th and the 15th centuries. The tomb of Abul-Hassan Kharaqani, who is one of the most famous Arefs (mystics) of the Sufi groups of the 12th century, is located in this village. The brick building with its dome dates to the 12th century .We pass Dameghan  site of the oldest mosque in Iran and after seeing the bazaar there continue  to Tehran O/N Tehran Asareh 4 star


Day5 : Tehran

Morning visit the Saadabad  Palavce complex Museum. This group  of eighteen palaces used to be the summer residence of the last Shah. We will visit some of these magnificent palaces which  are now museums, and walk through the beautiful  surrounding gardens. In the afternoon we commence with the National Architecture Museum where artifacts from 7000 years ago  will provide a good introduction to Persian history. O/ N Tehran Asareh 4 star  

Isfahan Tour 

Day 6: Tehran –Kashan –Isfahan
This morning we drive to the 7000  years old city of Kashan. There we visit the world renouned Fin Gardens followed by a visit  to the bazaar where we will visit  carpet weaving manufacturers then drive to Isfahan . In the afternoon  visit  a  Zoroestrian house in Isfahan O/N Isfahan Setareh hotel 3 star


Day 7: Isfahan

Isfahan is the “jewel in the crown” of ancient Persia. In the morning we visit the huge central square which boasts of many 16th century masterpieces of architecture. These include the Imam Mosque , the Ali Qapu palace, and the Sheikh Lotfollah  (ladies) Mosque. Later we visit the Chehel Setoon  (forty columns reception palace) of the Saffavids and we continue on to the Selnjuk period exquisite Jumeh Mosque which dates back to the Seljuk invasion times. Time permitting we shall visit the Armenian quarter with its Vank Cathedral and museum in the Julfa area. Time has been allotted to allow for shopping in the extensive Isfahan bazaar. O/N Isfahan.

Day 8: Isfahan –Yazd
Our journey today takes us to Yazd via the ancient city of Nain. Famed for its fine carpets Nain is today an interesting centre where camel hair weavers in subterranean  workshops are an attraction. On arrival in Yazd we visit a Zoroastrian fire temple and also the water museum where the qanat system of water transfer is well documented. The Friday Mosque will be visited and a walk through the mud plastered alleyways with their “badgirs” (cooling towers) adds further interest to this ancient city. We will also have the chance to see the Dakhmeh platforms which are the burial or rather disposal sites of the dead.  O/N Yazd.

Yazd Tour 

Day 09: Yazd - Chak Chak - Yazd
After breakfast drive via El Abad village  to  the desert town of  Chak Chak . We have lunch in Chak Chak and  , free time for prayer and sightseeing . On returning to Yazd  we will visit a Zorkhaneh which is an ancient Persian institution devoted to athletic sport and religious fervour.. O/N in Yazd.


Day 10 : Yazd –Pasargadae –Shiraz (540 KM ,7 hours with visit en route )
In the morning drive to Shiraz  via  the desert town of Abarqu claimed . There we pause to see a huge cyprus tree claimed to to be more than 4000 years old.. Much of this old town is constructed of sun dried mud bricks and this included to tall cone shaped structures called yakhchals whose function was to store snow and ice during winter monthds to provide cooling facilities during the hot summers. Further south we reach the northern part of the Zagros Mountains  and in the fertile elevated plain of dasht-e morgabi we stop at Pasagarde  site of Cyrus the greats capital and where his tomb now stands. Continue on through mountain scenery to Shiraz. O/N in Shiraz.

Shiraz Tour Eram Garden 

Day 11 : Shiraz –Persepolis –Shiraz
Travel to Persepolis the huge 12 hectares ceremonial capital of the Achemenians (545 BC t)  then  continue on to to Naqhsh-e Rostam  tombs of the Achemenian kings .In the afternoon sightseeing in Shiraz includes visits to the Quran Gate , the garden mausoleums of  12th and 13th century poets Saadi and Hafez. We then return to overnight at the Homa hotel.


Day 12 : Shiraz

In the morning a visit the 17th century Bagh-e Eram gardens  followed by  seeing the  Afif Abad garden then we continue on to the  old Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz , Also included is a visit to the picturesque Nasir al Molk  mosque ,the  Qavam  Narengestan  (orange trees) garden and finally  the Shrinoran Gatee of Habib ibn Hamzeh O/N Shiraz

Shiraz Tour Hafez Tomb 

 Day 13 : Shiraz -Departure

Transfer to the Shiraz airport for return flight  on Turkish airlines End of our services.