The contract of accident and health insurance of incoming travelers to Iran

In order to insure the incoming travelers to Iran, this contract was concluded between
Iran Gashttour travel agency and Iran insurance company.

The following cases are agreed by the two contracting parties.

-Those insured are including all travelers who travel Iran individually or as group by travel agencies for tourism, pilgrimage or other purposes.

-The insurance subject is included accidental and health insurance for all the events happen to the travelers and will be resulted to their death or fatal injuries.

- The events happen to the travelers at the time of their entrance and exit as crew members are excluded.

- The rates paid to the insurer are not given back except there is an error at the calculation.

The following cases are excluded from the insurance contract:

1- Body injuries cause deliberately by the insured.

2 - Risks arising from professional and training sports, or attending in sporting matches.

Note: Please notice that insurance charge is 4 USD per day per person for whole of tour from arrival to departure and the total maximum insurance amount is 30,000 USD .

Please advise if need the insurance so it will cover your tour .